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    Sheitanas Crew




    You can find us on Facebook

    Weird talent:

    We get thugs to dance.

    We dream of:

    Being reunited again with Juliette in Los Angeles.

    Secret spot in your city which we love going to:

    Marie’s place ;-) Perfect for our girl’s night with wine, fresh bread and stinky cheese.

    We dance to:

    Anything as long as we have champagne.

    This makes us smile:

    Alex’s wacky dance routine.

    Our favourite artist:

    We all have different tastes but we agree on Aaliyah.

    Early bird or a night owl:

    Night owl…

    First thing you think of when you wake up:

    Marie : « want to party tonight »  / Audrey : « need a latte » / Donia : « have to check my e-mails » / Alex : « gonna be late » / Juliette :  « what time is it in Paris ? » /  Karima : « need a cigarette » / Léa : « need more sleep ».

    Describe your Monki playlist in three words:

    Badass, Juicy & Fly!