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    Meet Susie Bubble

    We’ve had a crush on writer, editor and true #monkioriginal, Susie Bubble, for the loooooongest time. So we’re super excited that the style rebel has joined us once more, this time for our Autumn Monki Originals collection.

    As a fashion blogger, writer and editor, what is an average day for you?

    None of my days are average! I never know what I am doing day-to-day, I could be at my desk, visiting designers, shows or travelling. Meeting fun, creative people all day long is what I’m fortunate enough to do.

    It sounds like a dream job – seriously fun or seriously hard work?

    When you’re passionate about what you’re doing, seriously hard work can be seriously fun! Meeting my heroes, getting deep into the cogs of fashion and travelling are all highs. But sometimes it can feel like you’re back in high school with all the hierarchy in fashion. But, to be honest, I’m happy to be by myself – I like doing my own thing.

    This is our second collaboration; you must love Monki as much as we love you?

    YES! It’s a brand I really identify with. The first time I was younger, now I am older (but not that much wiser!) so it’s nice to come back and still know I have that Monki spirit!

    Speaking of spirit, what does being a Monki Original mean to you?

    A Monki Original is someone who is brave enough to have convictions about what they believe in, and doesn’t care what people think of them. It’s about just going for it! In whatever path you choose.

    If you could go back and give young Susie advice, what would you tell her?

    There aren’t that many things I’d change, other than maybe having a thicker skin. It’s still hard to not care sometimes about criticism, but you just have to get on with it. 

    What are your favourite pieces in the collection?

    I love the Japanese inspired pieces – the kimono jacket and the cropped culottes I really like the raw denim even thought I’m not normally a raw denim person – I like the stiffness, the boxy silhouettes and how it adds interest to the jeans.

    How would you describe your #MonkiStyle?

    I’m a funky Monki! 
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