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Monki Mozik X Kate NV


Kate Shilonosova / kate NV



Where to find me online:

Gif album
Live at KZN

Wierd talent:

I can bark like a real dog

I dream of:

being open minded and kind to people up until the end of my life

Secret spot in my city which I love going to:

Moscow during summer is the best city in the world. I just love riding a bike through the city centre. I love the little streets near Novyi Arbat— there’s an old Soviet building with a colonnade and a small garden with two benches. No one can see you from the street, it’s all hidden by the garden. On the wall of the building there’s this huge, noisy ventilation box. Sometimes I go there just to sit on a bench and listen to the noise from that box. If you listen for more than half an hour the noise will disappear, your brain just won’t perceive it anymore. It just merges with the environment. I love that metamorphosis.

I dance to:

Silly, ridiculous and funny music

This makes me smile:

Weird and awkward situations

Current favorite artists:

El Lissitzky

Early bird or night owl:

Night owl for sure

First thing I think of when I wake up:

“OK, I can sleep for 20 more minutes"

My Monki playlist in three words:

Ridiculous, kind, meek