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    Monki Mozik X Mahoyo



    Mahoyo (MyNa and Farah)


    Stockholm & Malmö

    Where to find me online:

    mahoyo.comInstagram or Facebook

    Wierd talent:

    Farah can burp freakishly loud and MyNa can cook food out of almost nothing.

    I dream of:

    A revolution

    Secret spot in my city which I love going to:

    Granholmstoppen at Järvafältet

    I dance to:

    Sammy & Johnny Bennett

    This makes me smile:

    Sparkly things and chrisps

    My favorite artist:

    DVSN, EA Wave, Jojo Abot

    Early bird or night owl:


    First thing I think of when I wake up:

    MyNa: NOT again! (woke up too early yet another morning). Farah: It's a great day to be alive

    My Monki playlist in three words:

    It’s lit fam!