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Monki Denim X Dolores Haze: Meet Lucky Lollo


Lucky Lollo aka Lovina


Lead guitar/ control freak, ‘I organise everything I do. It’s taking over my life.’


Monki Yogi jeans

So you’ve nearly graduated (by the time you’re reading this Lovina has graduated, congrats lady!) What are you studying? 

Music, for two more weeks; very soon it’s over! I have separation anxiety, it will be nice to feel free and just focus on the band, but feels a bit scary. 

Scary and exciting! To recap for those Monki babes out there who aren’t so familiar with the band, Dolores Haze the name… it’s from the book Lolita? 

Yeah, Nicki had heard of the film Lolita, but not seen it, but she was like ‘oh there’s a character called Dolores Haze, it’s a cool name huh!?’ and we were like yeah, sounds really cool! We should name our band that. but maybe we should watch the movie and we did. I have also read the book, and hated it.

I also heard your first EP came about after trying to win a Ukulele at a quiz…?

We were in our studio after we recorded our first EP, a self-released one. The studio had an evening, there was a quiz, and we googled all the answers because we read in the quiz that you could win an ukulele and I really really wanted a Ukulele, so I told the others to do the quiz with me. But we googled too good so we won first prize, which was a weekend in the studio instead of the 3rd prize ukulele. And we were like but oh we’ve just released an EP! So that is how we got Accidental EP.

That’s a great story to tell the grandkids! Speaking of awesome stories and festivals (it’s that time of year again!) what is your fave festival to date? 

I think my best memory is from England last summer. It was this crazy cool festival, there is nothing like it in Sweden, like a huge rave. They had decorated the forest and you could swim as there was water, so we went by boat to the stage. Then we played at 12 in the morning as we weren’t famous in England. But a lot of people showed up and really, really liked us and wanted autographs and they climbed in trees and I had a really good time. 

As we’re chatting, I’ve got to mention how awesome your face looks – you have glitter everywhere, on your eyelids, in your hair. How do you style yourself on stage? 

I love crazy make up, really experimental… sometimes I just think of a product I have at home, like oh that eye liner I have to wear it tonight and I have no plan and I just start to plan something and then I take something else and mix it up. Sometimes I find something new that is incredible and sometimes just like a mess. But sometimes it can be cool to look like a cool mess on stage, My everyday make up, is no make up. I’m too lazy . But I really like crazy make up on stage, strong colours, not discreet at all.

And when it comes to fashion? 

I like to mix it up a lot. I dress as I feel, so sometimes I am just having a polo and jeans day, and if I take on something else It feels weird. And sometimes I have a skirt and bodysuit day. It’s easier to go crazy with make up, I like going crazy in clothes but its also very important for me to feel comfortable, if I don’t feel comfortable I can’t wear it. I like crazy clothes, sometimes I borrow things from someone or somewhere for a gig. On the Bob Hund tour, I had these long gloves, for every other gig I had white gloves, and lace gloves and black gloves. It was hard to pay guitar with, but looked really cool! 

We’re here because of our Monki Denim X Dolores Haze collab. Your thoughts on denim, your go-to jeans style? 

I only wear one sort of pants and that’s black jeans, it’s like I never grew up from my emo phase when I was twelve. Once I tried grey jeans but black jeans it is!

The jeans you’re wearing at the moment, Yogi, they’re tight ‘n’ black, but also a little different, talk us through them…

They’re very stretchy! Good fit on the legs, it’s like they feel like leggings, but they’re jeans, but they’re not jeggings. It’s something in between.

We’re loving that now Monki jeans are made with cotton that is 100% organic. It’s got us thinking about up cycling our old fave jeans. Got any tips? 

I did that a lot when I was younger, I had a bunch of jeans jackets and sewed patches, studs and spikes and I painted on them.

Nice! So summer is coming up, you’ll have graduated, yay! What are your plans? 

We’ve got a one week writing camp after graduating, summer gigs, and maybe we’ll record something… I don’t know yet. Mostly Swedish festivals and we’re going to Iceland in Autumn… for the Airwaves festival … I’m so excited as I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. Tyra has planned the trip - we’re staying for a few more days to explore Iceland. 

Sounds like fun! And before we go, quick, what music are you listening too and lovin’ at the moment? 

I’ve just re-found shoe gaze bands, Rides, Going Blank Again record (Not Fazed, that song is really good) otherwise R’n’B and hip hop. 

Describe Dolores Haze as a band in 5 words? 

playful, divas (divas on stage), strong wills (it can be problems we fight a lot as we all have strong wills and different opinions!) … I have to think on that one a bit more.

And your dream fika date. Who and what would you meet and eat in this delightful Swedish custom (aka awesome coffee break usually involving cake)? 

I’d take a black coffee, but with who…? It would be cool with a musical Idol like Patty Smith, but also with some academic like Judith Butler, but that would be cool if I understood what she was saying!

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