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    Free delivery on orders over €50. Always free returns
    Free delivery on orders over €50. Always free returns
    Monki ships to 68 locations worldwide. See which one on this page.


    Monki is now shipping to 65 locations worldwide!

    Free shipping for orders over 200 USD
    Return fee 25 USD

    'International shipping' includes the following locations listed below:


    American Samoa Kiribati
    Andorra Liechenstein
    Argentina Malaysia
    Bangladesh Marshall Islands
    Barbados Mexico
    Bhutan Mongolia
    Brunei Darussalam Morocco
    Canada New Caledonia
    Chile New Zealand
    Cook Islands Nigeria
    Costa Rica Northern Mariana Islands
    Ecuador Palau
    El Salvador Peru
    Faroe Islands Philippines
    Federated States of Micronesia Puerto Rico
    Fiji Saint Kitts and Nevis
    French Polynesia Samoa
    Georgia San Marino
    Gibraltar Serbia
    Greenland Singapore
    Guam Solomon Islands
    Guatemala South Africa
    Guernsey South Korea
    Honduras Suriname
    India Tonga
    Indonesia Turkey
    Israel Tuvalu
    Jamaica Uruguay
    Japan Vietnam 
    Jersey Wallis and Futuna