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     Bead necklace with flower pendant 100 NOK
     Orange multi layered starfish necklace 120 NOK
     2-pack tattoo choker necklace 60 NOK
     Chunky chain with charms 120 NOK
     Layered faux-pearl bead necklace 100 NOK
     Cherry bead necklace 100 NOK
     Mushrooms and faux pearl necklace 100 NOK
     Gemini necklace 60 NOK
     Chain flower necklace 80 NOK
     Gold coloured layered necklace 100 NOK
     Assorted gold coloured hoop earrings 120 NOK
     Green heart necklace 80 NOK
     Layered heart + faux pearls necklace 100 NOK
     Chain necklace 100 NOK
     Silver coloured necklace 100 NOK
     Adjustable flower pendant necklace 80 NOK
     Layered necklace with purple beads 80 NOK
     Taurus necklace 60 NOK
     Dolphin necklace 60 NOK
    NEW! Feelings gold-coloured necklace 60 NOK
     Capricorn necklace 60 NOK
     Aries necklace 60 NOK
     Smiley face necklace 120 NOK
     Layered chain necklace 100 NOK
     Flower necklace 60 NOK
     Chunky chain with medallion 120 NOK
     Cancer necklace 60 NOK
     Fruit and faux-pearl necklace 100 NOK


    Chokers in chain, diamante and velvet, gold, silver and copper layered chains. Chunky statement necklaces and so much more. Give your neck and extra #monkistlye sparkle.