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    DJ Connie Constance



    Connie Constance (aka Constance Power)



    Where to find me online:

    @itsconniesworld on all social media or

    Wierd talent:

    Flaring my nostrils to music. 

    I dream of:

    Touring the world and working with Mark Ronson. 

    Secret spot in my city which I love going to:

    My boyfriend’s

    I dance to:

    Motown – it makes you feel great, especially in the morning.

    This makes me smile:

    The little things … 
    My little sister’s face when I see her. 
    My brothers when they’re being cheeky. 
    When I catch my granddad drinking red wine and listening to basement/dancehall in the garden. 

    My favorite artist:

    Right now I'm really into Sly and Jamiroquai. But, my all time favourite will always be Amy.

    early bird or night owl:

    Night owl for sure

    First thing I think of when I wake up:


    My Monki playlist in three words:

    Groovy, vibey, hidden treasures