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    U know that pair of cool denim shorts that you’ve sought after for weeks (months?!) now? Or the cosy black trousers with drawstring waistline that’s always in the washing bin when you need them the most? Good news: they’re all here – and for prices that won’t break the bank! Whether you're after denim shorts, chic high-waist tailored trousers, or flowy wide leg trousers – our sale selection will feed your inspo as well as your wardrobe essential-shelves! 

     Metallic flared trousers 180 NOK 350 NOK
    Online exclusive
     Structured high waist red checkered trousers 120 NOK 350 NOK
     Track pants with draw string 150 NOK 400 NOK
     Metallic flared trousers 120 NOK 350 NOK
    Online exclusive
     Towelling sprinter shorts 100 NOK 250 NOK
    Online exclusive
     Flowy trousers 100 NOK 250 NOK
     Low waist flared trousers 80 NOK 250 NOK
     Glitter trousers 100 NOK 250 NOK
     Boot leg trousers 100 NOK 300 NOK
    Online exclusive
     Taiki washed black 250 NOK 400 NOK
    Online exclusive
     Yoko corduroy trousers 200 NOK 350 NOK
     Kimomo classic blue jeans 250 NOK 400 NOK
     Dressy wide leg trousers 250 NOK 400 NOK
    Online exclusive
     Straight leg corduroy jeans 200 NOK 350 NOK
    Online exclusive
     Kimomo classic blue jeans 200 NOK 400 NOK
     Straight leg corduroy jeans 200 NOK 350 NOK
    Online exclusive
     Yoko cropped jeans 200 NOK 400 NOK
     Dressy wide leg trousers 150 NOK 350 NOK
     High-waist flared trousers 150 NOK 350 NOK
     Cotton sweatpants 150 NOK 250 NOK
     Yoko light pink jeans 250 NOK 400 NOK
     Bright blue Yoko corduroy trousers 180 NOK 350 NOK
     Print straight-leg trousers 150 NOK 300 NOK
     Soft flared trousers 150 NOK 300 NOK
     Denim shorts 150 NOK 300 NOK
     Wide-leg tailored trousers 180 NOK 400 NOK
     Structured high waist trousers 150 NOK 350 NOK
    Online exclusive
     Yoko beige jeans 250 NOK 400 NOK

    Explore all Monki trousers & shorts on sale! 

    Find your new favourite pair of Monki trousers or shorts in our sale edit! Our dreamy selection includes classic Monki statement patterns, faux leather styles, neutral colours, florals, gingham, and of course denim. We’ve got everything from affordable flowy wide leg trousers, sporty tracksuit bottoms, comfy cotton joggers to dressy tailored shorts. Grab ‘em before they’re gone! <3