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    Gabriëlla Wiwit Meijer, Controller
    Rotterdam, the Netherlands



    How long have you been working at Monki? 
    I've always wanted to work at Monki because it was (and still is) my favourite store. Before I got the job at Monki, I was working within book publishing. But I would always stop by the Monki store to ask if they were looking for staff. And one day they did! I was also studying Fine Arts at the time and since working at Monki is quite flexible, it was a perfect combination. When I graduated, I went from working as a Sales Advisor to becoming a Controller and also a #Monkiscout. I've almost been working here for two years now and it's the best working environment you could think of!

    What’s your favourite thing about working at Monki?
    The Monki people – they are so full of love and happiness! When I'm down or having a bad day, I know that as soon as I walk into the store, I’ll forget all about it. My colleagues are so sweet and we’re always having the best time.

    What’s your best advice to someone who want to apply for a position at Monki?
    As I always say in Dutch: Nothing ventured, nothing gained! So just go for it. And there's no reason to be nervous or insecure. Just be yourself. At Monki, we love everyone! I love to see the diversity of people and their backgrounds, subcultures and personalities mixed together in one team.

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