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     Boob mug 80 SEK
     Boob mug 80 SEK
    NEW! Smiling flower porcelain mug 80 SEK
     Paint splattered transparent body vase 180 SEK
     Paint splattered glass body pot 150 SEK
     Monki cloud print umbrella 100 SEK
     Body vase 150 SEK
     White body vase with paint splatter 150 SEK
     Checkered porcelain mug 80 SEK
     Porcelain mug 80 SEK
     Porcelain mug 80 SEK
     Plant pot 120 SEK
     White ceramic legs vase 150 SEK
     Blue splatter porcelain mug 80 SEK
     Beige speckle boob mug 80 SEK
     4-pack clog jewellery 120 SEK
     White ceramic body mug 100 SEK
    NEW! Colourful flower bead phone chain 80 SEK
     White plant pot 120 SEK
     Plant pot 120 SEK
    Online exclusive
     Umbrella with blue pattern 100 SEK
     Plant pot 120 SEK
     Ceramic vase 150 SEK


    Everything you need along with everything you didn’t know you needed. Great things to gift for your friends, or to keep for yourself. Phone cases, pins, keychains, stationery, notebooks, lint rollers, stickers, umbrellas, bowls and cups, candles, lunch boxes, water bottles and much much more.