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     Monki phone case 60 SEK
     Phone holder necklace 120 SEK
     Knot keychain 60 SEK
    NEW! Key holder wallet 200 SEK
    Limited edition
    Monki x Selam Fessahaye
     Hugging bears phone case 80 SEK
     Monki phone case 60 SEK
     Cat yoga phonecase 80 SEK
     Monki phone case 60 SEK
     Fluffy keychain 80 SEK
     Monki keychain 60 SEK
    NEW! Monki phone case 60 SEK
     Fluffy keychain 60 SEK
     Transparent wallet 80 SEK

    Phone cases & key rings

    Protect your phone with one of our iconic phone cases and allow your keys to stand out from the crowd so you'll never lose them again with our stand-out keyrings. And don't miss out on our range of earphones, headphones and handy portable chargers.

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