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     8-pack rings 80 SEK
     8-pack rings 80 SEK
     5-pack of gold coloured thin rings 80 SEK
     6-pack silver rings 80 SEK
     4-pack of silver-coloured rings 100 SEK
     6-pack gold coloured rings 80 SEK
     13-pack silver-coloured rings 100 SEK
     13-pack gold-coloured rings 100 SEK
     4-pack gold sparkly rings 100 SEK
     5-pack assorted rings 100 SEK
     4 pack of multicoloured rings 120 SEK
     4-pack of gold-coloured rings 100 SEK
     4-pack rings 100 SEK
     3-pack twirled gold-coloured rings 100 SEK
     4-pack silver-coloured plain band rings 80 SEK
     2-pack rings 100 SEK
     3-pack of flower rings 120 SEK
     3-pack rings 100 SEK
     Set of rings 120 SEK
     4-pack green and lilac plastic and gold-coloured metal rings 100 SEK


    If you like it then go and put a ring on it. Chunky, delicate, multiple, stacked. We've got all the kind of rings you need to add a touch of bling.